interior spaces

Three Versions of JD, 2012, Oil on Paper, 36inx81in

The Artist’s Studio, 2010, Oil on Paper, 24x18in

Jim’s Bathroom, 2014, 2-Color Lithograph, 22x18in

Jim’s Studio, 2014, 2-Color Lithograph, 18x22in.

Jim’s Window, 2014, 2-Color Lithograph, 18x22in

Self-Portrait Looking Down, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 60x50in

The Idiot, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 60x52in

Three Versions of Me, 2010, Oil on Paper, 9x14in

JD in Pinkhouse, 2014, Oil on paper, 24x30in

Yellow Studio, 2008, Oil on Paper, 24x30in

Blue Studio, 2008, Oil on Paper, 22x30in

Through the Painting Table, 2008, Oil on Paper, 30x36in

After Manet, 2008, Oil on Paper, 18x24in

Studio Interior, 2013, Pastel on Paper, 22x30in